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J. Milory $500.
C.J. Chilbery 1500.
J.M Kollock 2000.
N. Chilbery 1000.
Jesse M Adams 650.
J.N. Jackson 350.
R. Damus 300.
H.K. Emminger 3000.
John Erickson 300.
W.R. Niesz 2000.
Mary R Lowman 1000.
J.D. Lowman 665.
Rachel Coombs 800.
J.H. Peterson 2300.
Rourad Bieber 900.
Elmer J. Ross 5000.
Mary Pracht 2000.
M.A. Widger 1000.
D.S. Galloway 500.
E.G. Grahams 1000.
L.G. M. Farlane 1000.
R. Danne 300.
E.C. Kilbourne 29000.
M A Kelly 2000.
D Horlacher 1000.
Jilla Jones 500.
C J Jerry 9000.
C L Robbings 300.