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Tuesday December 4th, 1848
Throughout this day had fair weather
and ligh wind from N West Ship on her
course [?] by East at noon Set a Top Mast
[plidding?] sail [pan?]- two [f inplacted?] but nothing
else [so?] goods [?] Lat 32"31 N

Wednesday 5th, year
Throughout this day Day strong wind from
N by W and pleasant light weather attended
with a great swell from the North carry
all sail steering it by E per compass
boil [out?] our [B DaS?] of [S.?] And do several
small jobs on the rigging so Ends
All well Latitud by Obs Long.

Thursday 6th
Began with Light wind from NW
and pleasant weather ship under all
sail steering S by E per compass watch
[apprensly?] employed nothing In Sight
but water Middle and [latter parts
had near the same weather
[Spear?] close
hauld to the SE watch overhauling
potatoes three ships In Sight so ends
[?] Lat Long
opened flour

Friday 7th
Commenced [A?] when at 2 PM
lowered [A?] boat And [port?] Letters
Onboard of Ship [Ann} bound to London
two [off it?] Ships In sigh steering NE [at?]
latter part had a high wind from South
steer by the wind watch Employed
setting up rigging saw a French
Ship steering East So ends all well
Lat by Obs. 31"21 Long