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Hours of Use or No. of Interrogations of Existing CO
RACON Stations
(June - August, 1915)

June July August
Arago 12 hrs. 7 hrs. 3 hrs.
Astoria 30 inter. 76 inter. 112 inter.
Blanco 50 inter. 20 inter. 16 inter.
Heceta Head 12 hrs.22 min. 5 hrs. 43 min 5 hrs. 48 min.
Port Angeles 91 hrs. 60 hrs. 65 hrs.
Quillayute Not. estbd. 7 hrs. 15 hrs. 45 min.
Shelton 4 hrs. 284 inter. 112 inter.
Tillamook 26 hrs. 40 hrs. 25 hrs.
Yaquina Head 12 hrs. 8 hrs. 6 hrs.

*Decrease in usage is probably due to gradual
reduction in the training program following V-E
Day. These figures were taken from monthly reports
submitted to Headquarters.

Two Model PBY5A planes were specially equipped by
Headquarters with appropriate RADAR equipment required for
the purpose of flight calibration for the RACONS, and with
LORAN receivers for use in LORAN system checking. These
planes were assigned from Headquarters to check RACONS on
the West Coast and Alaska; the first of these, RADAR RACHEL,
arrived in the District in May, 1945. Flight test procedure
required that approimately 8 bearings be selected and
runs, at various altitudes, be made on these bearings so
that the area entirely surrounding the RACON was covered.
Data of the test, together with a graphic plot were prepared
for each calibration and forwarded via the Aids to Naviga-
tion Officer to Headquarters. Results of tests made in the
13th Naval District were as shown below. Three District
LORAN Units were checked but data regarding these tests
did not pass through the District Office as those units oper-
ated directly under Headquarters. (See LORAN).

RACON "A" Band "B" Band Antenna Maximum
Station Model Coverage Coverage Elevation Range
Astoria, YJ 49 North 89 North 750 65 "A"
Ore. 65 East 92 East
50 South 71 South
60 West 127 West