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4 - Julian Bond - draft 2

before we submit to such . . . ?"

As usual, a redskinned moderate in the crowd
answered Tecumseh by saying "Let us submit our grievances,
whatever they may be, to the Congress of the United State . . . . "
This debate took place in 1812. Neither side seems to have
prevailed, if the present day condition of Amercan Indians
is an indication.

So now, as the end of the '60's, these same rebels
Indians, Blacks, Spanish-speaking - still fight agains White
Providence. The kind of hard alternatives raised by Tecumseh
and scorned by the moderates still reges in modern ghettos,
barrios and reservations. It rages because two hundred years
after the "Founding Fathers" proposed to reduce Americans'
differences in a melting pot, the only thing which remains
unabsorbed is us, our blackness. Now we no longer wish to
melt, to be absorbed, to fit in, to join up, to swim into the

But black people - and Spanish-Americans the original
Americans - do insist on sharing the goodies stuffed inthe
Horn of Plenty they see so abundantly spread around them.
We all wish to have the opportunity to live decent lives.