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6 - Julian Bond - draft 2

longest trip is likely to be from the feudal South to the
mechanized poverty of the North. It has legislated the right
to vote for people who seldom see candidates for whom they
could honestly vote. And this system selected in 1968 as
President of the United States a man who not only was not
ourchoice, but was not the favorite of hundreds of thousands
of othe colored people or of others whose social consience
still operates.

This man Nixon has begun his four year term in a
way that ought to give us pause. Fifteen years after the
Warren Court declared segregation in the public schools il-
legal, this man's government give White Providence periods
of further grace. He speaks of law but protects the order.

Although unemployment and underemployment are among
our most crucial problems, this man's government gives $14
million in federal contracts too three textile firms in the
Carolinas with proved records of discrimination on the oral
promise they will "do better." Even his equal opportunity
bureaucrats couldn't stomach that one.

Here is a man who cannot help but know white