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7 - Julian Bond - draft #2

capitalism has yet to solve the problems of white poverty,
yet he still offers up the same sytem that has been a failure
in his lifetime to solve our tremendous problems of black,
brown and red poverty.

And while these groups suffer, in terms of deaths
and inductees, from the war in Vietnam in greater proportion
than does any other group of Americans, this man's government
has yet to unveil his plan for ending the war the "secret"
plan he said he had more than a year when he was Candidate

To discuss what could or ought to be done by any
American President or an Americal Congress to make black and
brown Americans full citizens, recipients of the supposed
benefits of the American way of life, is to invite an endless
list of laws and legislation, executive ordes and presidential

To discuss the condition of America's non-white
minorities without discussing the disastrous effect on them
and their futures of the was in Vietnam, with its $3 billion
annual drain on the treasury and its more tragic loss of nearly