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Meg at Nov 07, 2018 12:18 AM

Untitled Page 134

Hi Lavere!

All is going well here, I've just gotten
home from a trip to Scotland and
I'm having some trouble settling
down to work, but that's to
be expected. Scotland was beautiful
and really relaxing and I now understand
why Dianne loved it so much. I only
whish we'd had more than four
days to spend, but we were skipping
school as it was and we just had
to get back and do some work. The
weather was even gorgeous. - especially
nice since we had to spend so much time
on trains and such, it was
nice to have good weather --it makes
the scenery look SO much better, especially
the lakes. The thing that really amazed
me was how friendly all the people
were. - everyone wanted to help and
was more
than willing to do anything they
could to help us out -- a nice change from a lot
of people. Take care, and I'll see you whn I get home
- Vickie

Mrs. Lovere Meyer
1303 Century Dr.
Orange, CA. 94666