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FORM 306.}
JOURNAL of Light-station at Yaquina Head Light Station

September 1914

Tuesday 1 Light N.W. breeze, clear, Sea Moderate Barm. 30.20. 1st Asst helping Mr. Shermon in tower. 2nd Asst working around station completed repairs at station today (broken lantern frame??? replaced).

Wednesday 2 Light N.W. breeze, clear Sea Smooth Barm 30.12. 2nd & 1st Asst chipping upper balcony railing tried ledding it today.

Thursday 3 Light N.W. breeze, clear, Sea Smooth Barm. 30.14. 1st & 2nd Assts cleaning up inside of lens, scaling off loose paint.

Friday 4 Light N.W. breeze, clear, showery, Sea Moderate Barm 30.26. 1st & 2nd Assts washing lens room & all windows in tower.

Saturday 5 Fresh N.W. wind, clear, Sunshine Sea Smooth Barm 30.02. 1st & 2nd Assts scaling off old paint & red ledding under eaves??? of tower roof & storm door. Keeper returned 8P.M. from his leave of absence.

Sunday 6 Light S.E. wind. Foggy & heavy Rain Sea Mod Barm 2??? Regular Duties for the Day.

Monday 7 Strong S.E. wind with Rain in evening Sea Strong Bar??? Regular Duties.

Tuesday 8 Light S.E. wind. Cloudy with Showers Sea Strong Bar??? Painting Roof of Lantern & other Duties 2nd Asst went to Newport.

Wednesday 9 Fresh N.W. wind. Clear. Sea Mod. Barm 3020. Painted gallery Railing & upper & lower Tower Doors & Eaves of Dome.

Thursday 10 Fresh N.W. wind Hazy & Foggy Sea Mod Barm. Working at clearing Rubbish out of the yard & Painting Storm Windows. Inspected assts quarters found them in good order.

Friday 11 Light S.E. wind. Rain Showers. Sea Mod Barm 30. Keepers began to Putty the Plate glass outside of Lantern.

Saturday 12 Light N.W. to S.E wind. Clear Sea Mod Barm 30. Puttying outside of Lantern. Keeper went to Newport.

Sunday 13 Light Southerly wind. cloudy with Rain Sea Mod Barm. Regular Duties for the Day.

Monday 14 Light to Strong Southerly wind. Cloudy, Rain. Thunder & Lightening. Keeper worked in Carpenter Shop. 1st Asst in his quarters. 2nd went to Newport.

Tuesday 15 Light to Strong Southerly wind. Heavy Rain Showers Sea Strong B. Keepers working around grounds and showing visitors in Tower. Put 100 galls oil into Settling Butt.

Wednesday 16 Light to Strong S.E. wind, cleear to Stormy. Rain Sea Strong. Keeper working in Carpenter Shop. 1st & 2nd Assts working in their quarters.

Thursday 17 S.E. wind Stormy. heavy Rain Sea Rough Barm 29??? Regular Duties. Inspected assts quarters found them in good order.

Friday 18 S.E. wind Stormy Heavy Rain Sea Rough Barm 299??? 1st Asst left Sta on his Leave of Absence at 12:30P.M. Regular Duties.

Saturday 19 Fresh S.E. wind. Cloudy with Showers. Sea Rough Barm. Keeper & 2nd Asst working in Barn and Carpenter Shop.

Sunday 20 Wind Calm. Hazy Sea Mod Barm 3010. Regular Duties. Keeper & 2nd Asst Showing Visitors in Tower.

Monday 21 Fresh N.W. wind Clear Sea Mod Barm 3012. Keeper went to Newport. 2nd Asst working Tower & showing visitors.

Tuesday 22 Light N.W. wind. Clear Sea Mod Barm 3004. Painted upper gallery to Tower. 2nd Asst went to Newport.

Wednesday 23 Light S.E. wind. Dense Fog. Sea Mod. Barm 29??? Mopped down all Stairs in Tower. Put Storm windows in Keepers quarters.

Thursday 24 Light S.E. wind. Foggy. Sea Mod Barm 2990. Cleaned up in Carpenter Shop & Showing Visitors in Tower. Built Pig Pen.

Friday 25 Light to Strong S.E. wind. Clear to Rain Sea Mod Bar??? Keeper working in Carpenter Shop 2nd Asst Showing visitors in Tower.

Saturday 26 S.E. wind Stormy with Rain in A.M. cloudy in P.M. Sea Strong Bar??? Regular Duties. Keeper went to Ocean Hill Hotel after a Pig.

Sunday 27 Light South wind. Clear. Sea Strong barm 3020. Regular Duties. Keeper & 2nd Asst showing visitors in Tower.

Monday 28 Fresh N.W. wind, clear. Sea Strong Barm 300??? Keeper & 2nd Asst Repaired under the Eaves of 1st Assts quarters.

Tuesday 29 Light N.W. wind cloudy. Sea Strong Barm 299??? Regular Duties 2nd Asst Repaired outer gate. Keeper working in quarters.

Wednesday 30 Strong N.W. wind. Hazy. Showers Sea Strong Barm 30.00. Keeper making quarterly Returns. 2nd Asst went to Newport. 27 Cords of Wood delivered by Mr. Prye???