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[preprinted] Central Pacific Railroad Company


San Francisco, Cal. [/preprinted] 26 Dec 1873

C. P. Huntington Esq.

9 Nassau St. New York.

Dear Sir:

Please deliver to the order of Milton S. Latham, Five hundred, First Mortgage, Southern Pacific Railroad Bonds, and take receipt for the same as Collateral to our three promissory notes, signed by Leland Stanford, Charles Crocker, Mark Hopkins and C. P. Huntington, dated December 23rd 1873, payable to this order at The London and San Francisco Bank, Limited, with interest at the rate of one per cent per month payable monthly, both principal and interest payable in Gold Coin: One of said notes being for the sum of One hundred and fifteen thousand dollars, payable March 23rd 1874; One for a like sum of One hundred and fifteen thousand dollars, due April 23rd 1874, and another for the sum of One hundred and twenty thousand dollars, due the 23rd day of June 1874. Said bonds to be surrendered to us in proportionate amounts as each of said Notes shall fall due, and be paid by us.

Leland Stanford