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The ultimate outcome of this plan would be to possess a substantial steamer under command of an accomplished seaman & navigator with a small corps of adjunct professors or teachers in the several departments of mathematics, physics & the natural sciences. This would become an unrivalled seminary for practical surveying & navigation. In such a roving school geology mineralogy, botany, zoology & mining could be most rapidly & thoroughly taught. Connected with such a vessel a small steam launch of light draught would be needed capable of entering all [lagunes?] & rivers to carry classes [inland?] to visit mines & make geological botanical & zoological explorations.

For geological natural history & surveying expeditions some general camping outfit would also be needed. Such an adjunct to the university would furnish unrivalled facilities for making natural history collecting & laboratory stations might be established at convenient points for prosecuting biological [researches?]

I think also such a school would [insert: be] unrivalled for stimulating anew the decaying zeal for real scientific seamanship in

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