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shiiyuri at Feb 04, 2019 08:17 AM


2345 3 may 67

Mag Tap disconnect
bug did not repeat.


0815 4 May 67

TTY2 is missing characters or something
funny is happening. The system is not dead.
But it doesn't seem to listen to TTY2

Raj Reddy

1815 4 May 67

Clock 1 and Clcok 3 of A-D seem to be recording
much faster than their rated speed. Using
20 KC clock 9 can only get about .5 to .6
seconds of speed instead of 1.5 second
into a buffer of 10,00 words

(Sorry my mistake Raj 5 May)

Raj Reddy

2215 4 May 67

Chased MAG TAPE bug

Found a read error with 570/516 data test.
Cleaned .545 tape path thoroughly.
Error went away