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Office of the Light Hosue Engineers
Thirteenth District
Portland, Oregon July 20
Chairman Light House Board,
Washington, D.C.

I have the honor to submit the following Report of Operatinos for the year ending June 30th.
The Thirteenth District embraces all aids to navigation on the Pacific Coast of the U.S. north of the southern boundary of Oregon. (and ??? the east of Oregon and the Territory w/ ??? ???.)
Engineer Major H. ??? Robert Corps of Engineers, U.S.A.
There are in this district
The number preceding the name and the station ??? with those of the Lt. Ho. List (Same as last year) for 1871 (2).

407 (422) Yaquina Bay, Oregon. The Lt. Ho. at this point was commences May 1, 1871 and completed the following october; ??? owning to the fact that chimneys were not included in the supplies first shipped. The light was not exhibited till (and lighted) November 23 1871.
408 (397) Cape Foulweather, Sea Coast of Oregon
Work on his station has been seriously hindered by the difficulties

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