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water would come up to the knee. It was entirely useless to try to
pick ones way. All we could do when we came to a "bad spot" was to get
through as quick as possible. Some would go around through the woods,
but their only reward would be the loss of a boot or shoe in the bogs which
were even worse than in the main road. I had on a pair of high boots
and thought at first I should be able to keep my feet dry but I did not
cherish the hope very long. The 13th Indiana took the lead and ours
came next. There were several companies of Cavalry in front of all of
the infantry which is always the case. We had gone about ten miles
when we heard firing about half a mile to the front. It was our cavelry
driving in the rebel pickets. We had not expected to come across the
enemy for a long time so all were surprised. We were ordered to halt
load and fix bayonets and then forward double quick and as we were
all tired, it came hard for to walk ten miles on the roads then with
the load we had is equal to walking twenty miles on a Northern road.
I should think we double quicked it for nearly a mile and just then
we came to a bend in the road. And less than a quarter of a mile
beyond the bend was all of the rebel Artillery placed. And no sooner
had our the head of our column come to the turn then they opened
on us. The moon had set then and it was very dark. The 13th Regiment Indiana
and ours were ordered into the woods by the side of the road
and our Artillery came galloping up. And in a twinkleing were at
it. They could only see to aim by the flash of the rebel pieces and
for four hours there was a tremendous fire kept up a great majority
of the evening. Shell and solid shot went over our heads and took
effect in regiments that were a mile or so in the rear. I saw
one solid shot go through our Colonel's horse also our Adjutant's, and kill
two men. It being so dark made it much worse for all parties. At
length the sun rose and I can assure you I was never any [?]

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