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happier to see it. None of us had fired a gun. All we had done was to wait
by the side of the artillery in readiness to either make or repel a
charge but fortunately we were called on to do neither. A little after day
break the enemy fell back a mile or so and we went forward into an
open field and stood in line of battle till almost noon when we eat
our dinner. It was the first time we had had a chance to eat anything
and we went at it with a zest. My pork and Hardtack tasted as
good then as ever did the best meal I ever had at home. Our dinner
over we started after rebs., chased them foar[four?] miles and had another brush
with them and then turned about and marched home. Got there about
twelve o'clock that night, having been gone only twenty four hours and
having marched about thirty miles. I was pretty well used up when I
got to camp (or as we used to say "played out" - crossed out) but a day or two after we
were as well as ever. Our regiment lost only about twenty killed wounded
and missing which was quite reasonable. I guess this will do for today

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