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The law of nature as it respects society
is founded in the happiness of the whole.
Whatever practical principle therefore of any
society is adapted to promote this end
is agreeable to this law. This having
been admitted by the generality of ethic
writers as well as recognised by the wisdom
of all good governments, I shall not stop
to demonstrate it, but proceed to say, that by
slavery in general is intended the involun-
tary insubordination of the will of one to
that of another, whereby the external con-
[?] of the former is in all things to be
directed by the will of the latter. This
Idea of slavery being compared with
the law of nature above mentioned,
it will hence follow that whenever the
happiness of the whole will be promoted
by the exercise of authority in some, [?]
involving involuntary subordination in others
the exercise of such authority must be acknow

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