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-city, difference in the means of improvement
or disposition properly to employ [?]
in a word, whether it arises from nature
or education, it matters not; while this is
in fact the case, while some are actu-
-ally found so for to excell others both in
the knowledge of the principles of pro-
-prioety, & disposition to practice such prin
-ciples, as the the general end of happi-
-ness would be better promoted by the
exercise of authority in the former, tho'
necessarily involving inbordination in
the latter, than by the enjoyment of
equal liberty in each, the exercise of
such authority [?] be might.

Agreeable hereunto is the foundation of
th natural authority of parents over their
children, it by no means consisting in
the motion of derived existence, but in the
different qualifications of parents & children
to execute this immutable law. For while

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