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parents far excell their children in wis-
-dom, & from natural affection are dispos'd
to promote their happiness, it will follow,
that more happiness will result to both
from the exercise of authority in parents
& supordination in childre, than from
the exercise of equal liberty in each.
And that this authority of parents over
their children is derived from this
source, & not from the natural relation
subsisting between them considered merely
as parents & offspring, is evident from
this consideration, that whenever the
parent is by any means disqualified
in the respects above mentioned to
direct the conduct of his child, the inb-
ordination of the child ceases.
Every law is applicable to all cases within
the same reason; & since it cannot be deni-
-ed that the reason of the authority & sub-
-ordination between parents & children equally

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