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thereby warranted to exercise over them.
And if it shall appear in fact that they
are not reduced by the law of this land
to a degree of inbordination beyond what
the law of nature abovementioned, the
happiness of both requires, it will follow
undeniably, that the law whereby they are
thus subjected is just.

My friend, I am no enemy to humor; but
I think it rarely serves to illustrate a
logical conclusion. I confess my argument
as you have represented it appears ridi-
-culous enough; but if you had deferred
your reply 'till I had made an appli-
-cation of the principle to the point in
hand, perhaps it had saved you this
needless expense of wit.

I have not pretended as a consequence
from my principles, that every degree
of superiority in point of discretion could
warrant to one individual of a community

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