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standing such subordination, be not
vastly preferable, regard being had to their
interest (?) only, to their condition in their
native country, no one I think can doubt,
at least no one who has an adequate
conception of the misery & wretchedness of
that condition. Figure to yourself my friend,
you are not unacquainted with the African
history, figure to yourself my friend the
delightful situation of a natural inhabitant
of Africa. View him necessarily destitute
of every mena of improvement in social
virtue, of every advantage for the cultivation
of these principles of humanity, in which
alone consists the dignity of the rational
nature, & from which only source springs
all that pleasure, that happiness of life,
whereby the human species is distinguish
ed from other parts of the animal creation.
Consider his situation as a candidate for
an eternal existence, view him as necessa
rily ignorant of every principle of that

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