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religion, thro' the happy influence of which
alone the degenerate race of Adam can
rationally form the most distance expec
tation of future felicity — View him
moreover in a state in & of the most
abject slavery, a slavery of the worst
kind, a slavery of all others most destruc
tive of human happiness, an entire
subjection to the tyranni(?)ing power
of lust & passion, wholly devoted to the
governing influence of those irregular
propensities, which are the genuine off
spring of corrupted nature, when unres
isted by philosophy or religion —
View him actually clothed in all that
brutal stupidity, that savage barbarity
that naturally springs from such a source.
Add to this his condition of perpetual
insecurity arising from that state of hos
tility that forever rages in those inhos
pitable climes; I consider the treatment
he is to expect when the fortune of war has

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