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has subjected to the power of his enraged
foe, whose natural cruelty is perpetually
sharpened, & whose desire of revenge is
continually increased by a sense of his
own danger. Reflect a moment upon
the condition of a creature in human
shape, the misery, the wretchedness of
whose situation is by these expressions
but faintly represented, & compare it with
the condition of slave in this country,
& then see if you can hesitate one moment
which of the is most eligible; if her ad-
-venture a doubt should arise, if you will
please to inquire whether you would rather
choose one for whose interest you tender-
-ly concerned should be educated in Africa,
tho' with all the immunities of a native
Africans, or in this country, tho' in that
state of subordination to which Africans
are her subjected; I will venture to war-
rant you of every such doubt a speedy
solution. Here then I rest the argument,
for upon this point the present question
must infallibly determine. Not withstanding

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