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uncles, aunts & cousins were all well
& asked after you, and were glad to hear
you were at school at Andover &
doing so well. When you have learned
a good deal more, I intend to
carry you to Woodstock to spend some
time. Did Mr. Evans leave any money
with Mr. Brown for you? And did
he give Mr. Brown two dollars or any
amount? Write me in your next.
[I'll] send you some quills & paper. You
must not waste either but use them to
good purpose.
I enclose you the letter I
formerly sent you as it contains such advice
as I wish you to read once a week & that you
may keep it with all the other letters you may receive.
Fold them neatly & write on the back of them
as you find I have written on the enclosed & tie them together
& keep them in your trunk. Conclude your letters in
this way. "I am your affectionate & obedient son
SFB Morse
Keep an exact account of all your expenses for my
inspection. Give my regards & your Mama's to Mr & Mrs
Abbot & to Mr. Brown & my complements to Mr. Foster your good
instructor. Your grandma, aunt Mary, & Mama & myself,
send love to you. Your affectionate father
J. Morse

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