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They wish you to read it
often with care till its
contents shall be imprinted
on your memories. It portrays
a character worthy
your admiration
whch it
will be your glory to love
admire & imitate. It will
serve you as a remembrance
of a most eminent &
exemplary christian of
an able, uniform & upright
statesman-- of a warm hearted
active & disinterested patriot
of one the worthiest benefactors
& most useful & influential
patrons of this

Of the character of the
Hon. Judge Lowell, we have
as yet had exhibited to the public
a short outline only. This
is at once so concise & comprehensive
of this excellent man, that
it would be a faulty omission in
me not to present it before you

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on this occasion. "Few men
ever passed through a long life
more generally beloved or quitted
it more sincerely lamented. Of
manners mild & conciliatory, of
candor almost inimitable; of
affections sincere; of morals
irreproachable; with a fancy ardent
& fertile; with an understanding
acute & penetrating; with feelings
animated yet refined & correct;
with a mind enriched by literature
& approved by observation;
with an eloquence impetuous yet
fascinating & impressive; in the
profession & practice of our holy
religion sincere & devout; in his
friendships warm & unalterable;
in domestic life, amiable &
affectionate; in public employments,
faithful, intelligent &
upright. Distinguished by such
qualities, society sustains no
ordinary loss in a magistrate
so wise; a husband & parent so
affectionate; a friend so sincere;
& a citizen so inestimable."

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