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[strikethrough] Andover [/strikethrough] Charlestown Mar. 26 - ['900?]
mondy eve.

My dear Friend,

I arrivd at Page's about 3/4 before 7 after
stoping on the road 3/4 of an hour & coming on quite as leisurely
as I could wish --The traveling was much better than I
had any Idea of - The farther I proceeeded the better I found it &
met with no difficulty in any place. Our Son came in, about 3/4
of an hour after I arrived: and we have spent as agreable an evening
as the melancholy tidings he brought me would admit of. -
Upon enquiring after our friends he soon informed me that
Mrs. Quincy was no more! - Last night she departed this
transitory scene. She had been considered by her Physician
some days past, to be in a critical situation; but on saturday
was pronounced by Dr. Danforth to be much better, and
her Friends were greatly encouraged; but, soon alas!
was the prospect changed & in a few hours, was her account
closed. What an affecting lesson of the uncertainty
of this world & all that it contains! - of the delusive
nature of the brightest prospects! Just arrived, or arriving
at the highest point of enjoyment, which she could

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