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ever expect or rationally desire, in the present life, and
the irrevocable sentence is pronounced, "time (with you) shall
be no longer"! How [strikethrough] forcibly [/strikethrough] solemnly is the sacred admonition
enforced, by such events "To rejoice as tho' we rejoiced not"!

How much brighter has been her prospects for continuance
in life, than mine has been, these several
years! and she is suddenly separated from the
dearest connections, and from one, in whom she
lately promised herself a largeencrease of enjoyment; & with
[strikethrough] great [/strikethrough] as much reason too, as the uncertainty of sublunary joys
would admit of: - while I am still spared, a wonder
to myself, & a monument of the divine forbearance
& benignity! What an obligation to greater purity
& fruitfulness, than in time past I have exhibited!
What a warning this, to cease from depending on
any thing on this side the grave!

My uncle must be deeply affected with this
shock. The rest of the family will feel it very deeply,
but his age & infirmities will render him more susceptible
of the anguish. I think this is an hour to express
sensibility for sympathy with him. Is it too much

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