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to ask you to come down & join in paying our last respect
to the memory of our Friend, & expressing our condolence
with the afflicted family? - I can't forget her
attention, on similar occasions when we were bereaved
of Father & mother. Perhaps there is no occasion,
on which the attention of Friends is more sensibly
felt. And few, very few indeed, are the Friends to whom
we are under so great obligations, as to my Uncle & Aunt. -

I have also, at this moment, fresh in my mind, the
uncommon sensibility my Uncle expressed [insertion] for the notice [/insertion] when I attended
the funeral of his consort.

But, altho' I should be uncommonly gratified by
your presence, if it can be granted consistently with your welfare,
I shall be as much grieved, if you indulge me at the
expense of that. If you feel too feeble for the journey,
dont make ye attempt. Only believe me, the traveling
is by no means hazardous! Mr. abbot can inform you,
how much the traveling was mended from friday. No
difficulty in any place from the snow. The rain on
Saturday night settled the ways suprizingly. I dont know
tht [illegible] horse broke thro' the frost, more than once, to be noticed; & then very
inconsiderably. From Captn Ford's I rode the chief

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