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The pleasures of our way to Canaan
must not retard our progress but
quicken it tho we have a Wilderness
before us.

God can imbitten that to us which
we promise ourselves most satisfaction
from and often doth it
in the Wilderness of thie World that
our wants and disappointments
in the Creature may drive us
to the Creator in whose [favor?]
alone true comfort is to be had.

God is the great Phisician if we are
kept well it is He that keeps us if we
are made well it He that recovers
us He is our Life and the length
of our days.

Whatever our delights may be in
the land of our Pilgrimage we
must remember that we do but
encamp by them for a time
but here we have no continuing

Discontent magnifies what is part and
villifies what is [?sent] without regard
to Truth or Reason. O human Nature!

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