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"Lift up your eyes O believer & see what pleasures there
are within the veil Come drink this fill of this
new wine let thy faith draw the curtains of Eternity
& take a view of those heights & depths & lengths &
breadths of that glory & Joy which these it may
discover. Look on him that sits on the throne
and those everlasting treasures of light holiness
goodness & mercy which are streaming from his
face on those overflowing bowles of kindness
& compassion on those Rivers of pure & eternal
Pleasures Rest & Peace that rise from that glorious
throne & run through the city of God.
Behold the Tree of Life & feed thy soul on its
precious fruit whose very leaves are for
the healing of the Nations Hearken to & fill
thine ears & heart with those triumphs & exultations
those raptures & extacies of unspeakable
& glorious Joys those blessings & praisings
those halelujahs that are tuned upon the
hearth & tongues of the Heavenly Choir the glorious
Angels & the spirits of Just men made perfect

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