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A sprig indeed — & that a very small one, am almost
asham'd to divert your thoughts by its appearance
I figure to myself very frequently how you are
rangeing through the enjoyments of the heavenly
Canaan, delighted by rendering your full tribute
of praise, to God & the Redeemer — Go on my
beloved friend, in your exertions for the attainments
of those virtues which shall quallify you for admission
there; —And may you be indulged with liberal
anticipations of those blissful scenes which are
preparing for the enjoyment of the ransomed of
the Lord, at God's right Hand —

Go on to spread
the glories of the Redeemer's kingdom — May the
breath of Angels wash your wishes, to an extensive
bound, & may the great First Last who issues their
commision, write, be fruitful upon all your
endeavors to honour his Name; to sanctify his
Day; to exalt his Character in the eyes of Mortals;
and to define the knowledge of his Law, &
love to man, through His beloved Son:

O, may He give you strength to perform
all which your heart can wish for!

This may be call'd an intrusive slip you
will I hope forgive me, considering I am but dust
My intentions, I am not afraid of any more than of yr want
of Candour

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