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I both trust Christ, & trust in Christ when I believe
that he is the Standard al all saving Righteousness communicable
to man; and all my righteousness & holiness is but
the reflection of his. I trust in Christ, when I live resignedly
at his feet, to be made holy. And whatsoever composure
of heart I do at any time receive, I do not, nor cannot hold it;
but 'tis held by him while it remains: and when it withdraws,
it lives in the Root for me. I am ready to think, if I
had all graces in my own dispose I woud manage them to
the glory of God; but how can God be glorified more than
in an holy content, to live at his allowance? All his design
is to allure me, and so force me out of myself, to live
in him, as well as to live by him; he bestows his grace
within doors. I must not take his graces to myself,
to put it to usury for increase; but must fetch the Increase,
as well as the Principal from him, by union with him
through Jesus Christ: and my work is to rest on his
faithfulness, wisdom, willingness, and readiness to supply
me; as if every Grace of the Spirit were fully in my own
management and power to examine the same. This is the
true life of Faith; This is the way of walking up and down
in the Name of the Lord. When I actually acknowledge
every measure of Spiritual Strength to hold its tenure
from Jesus Christ Singly and wholly, and rest confidently
upon him for it; and that because he hath promised
both Grace, Glory, and every good thing; Judging him
faithful who hath promised, and owning him thereon
for any inheritance, and myself nothing but what he


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