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he is for me: Then I may be said to trust Jesus Christ, and
to trust in him only. I trust him upon his Word to be all
for me, which I wou'd spiritually be; and I trust in him
to enjoy the same, through the faith of my interest
in him, and his abounding Grace & sanction.

This cuts the heart of self pride, spiritual surficting
and slothfulness, when I live every moment at the
mercy of another even Jesus Christ, both for Justifying
righteousness, and every influence thereof, by the
immediate breathing, of his Spirit according to his
good pleasure; having not the power to make one
hair white or black: but I must wholly work by
his Hand, see by his Eyes; and in his light behold
the light. What more powerful inducement can
there be to self-denial than this? Boasting is excluded,
because Christ in his own Sermon, and by his own
Spirit, doth whatsoever is done for me, or in me. Here
lies the mystery and labour of Faith, which the more
notion thereof can never reach unto, so as to improve
the same to a self-denying activity for God, in the paths
of Godliness and travel toward Zion.


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