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bridgement of their rights as men.
For this I honor them, and by this
all may know the land that gave
them birth. One of them was the ac-
knowledged intellectual leader of the
class of 1839 of Dart Coll: is now
and has been for nearly forty years
pastor of the Pres. Church in Palmy-
ra N.Y. and regarded as the ablist
minister of the gospel in all that
region. The Rev Horace Eaton D.D.
Dr. Johnson was universally respect-
ed and beloved, as a kind and
courteous gentleman, a ripe scholar,
and thorough disciplinarian.
As I was there but one year and one
term, I cannot speak as to the first
books in their course. In Latin
Adams Gram: Cicero's Select Orations
and Virgil-Six books. Bucolics
and part of the Georges. In Greek
Fish's Gr. and Buttermann as reference

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