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Graeca Mayorn and Ken. Cyropedian
The Mathematics was hardly worth
mentioning Common Arithmetic
and Days Algebra to Simple Equa-
tions. During the time I was
in Andover fitting for College. Dr
Johnsons health was very poor. So
that our class had very few recitations
under him. He lived but a few
months after our class left, and
during the year he was able to do
little more than to appear at morn-
ing prayers, occasionally attend the
public declamations and visit the
classes. Teasing lest what I have
written may be of no service to you,
and that any addition would but increase
that quality. I will stop here wishing
you a very pleasant sermon, and re-
gretting my inability to attend it.
Please present my kind regards to your
father. Yours truly,
Cyrus Baldwin

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