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expelled from the Academy &
turned out of his boarding
house. He then went to board
in a house on the road as one
goes to the Shawsheen River, on
the left near the foot of the
hill. He was driven from that
asylum, & went to Oberlin, Ohio,
where I met him, five years later
as I was travelling through Ohio.
I found him a most excellent
Christian. Bristols expulsion
failed of the effect intended.
In stead of checking us it rather
excited us the more.

The act of the expulsion of Bristol
was, as we say now, rather rough.
The room in the Academy was full,
Mr Johnson, (all the teachers being pres-
ent) rose & with all the pomp &
circumstance inquisitarial, that the
little man could muster & master,
went on to accuse his victim of

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