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insubordination, & as we all thought,
greatly exaggerated his offence.

Mr Bristol sat in a front seat
& rose & with greate self control &
in a most respectful manner
asked to be permitted to speak
in his own defence.

Mr. Johnson lost his temper
& with great passion--anger--for
so small a man, ordered him
to sit down. The order was obeyed.
This cowardly act of the Principal
grieved many & exasperated the
Abolitionists--and made us more
determined in the way we were
going. You ask particularly
about [Dr?] Johnson. In reply I am
happy to say he was a good man,
a good scholar in Latin & Greek, but
a man so ignorant of human nature
that this little difficulty quite un-
horsed him, so that he could not ex-
ercise authority without displaying the tyrany
of a little & cowardly nature.

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