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May 5th At daylight three officers went out shooting: continued
taking in the remainder of our coals which we managed by
nine. At 10 All came on board with the Pilot & a passenger
78 years of age and as active as a man of 20. At 11 lighted
fires, weighed, as soon as the steam was up, but in
going round the took the ground forward and stuck fast,
got a hawser out astern, reversed the Engines, and after
some trouble hove her off, and went on our course - Passed
several vessels on a passage up. At dusk anchored: about
a schooner passed close to us, saying she had provisions,
but they were for the Brazilians - Cards in the evening -

Sunday May 6th 1855 Daylight weighed and steamed
downward passing several sailing craft and a single Brazy
Steamer. At 2 Came to an anchor off the town of Rosario, where
we found the Brazilian Squadron: an officer came on board
from their Senior Officer to pay their respects, which we returned.
Soon afterwards: shortly after anchoring the English Vie Consul
paid us a visit with a lot of other fellows, much to my annoyance,
as we were at dinner, and the Commdr being sick and the cabin
occupied by Mrs Hughes, they were all introduced into the Gun
room: there being a Theatre on shore in the evening, the Consul
offered all the Officers seats in his stall : and Mr & Mrs Hughes
with Clayhills went ashore, returning at 7: the mosquitoes again
came off in swarms: at 8 there was an attempt made for a
display of fire works, but it was very poor. During the afternoon
we had any quantity of visitors, and a request from an
English gentleman for a passage for himself and wife to B. Ayres

May 7th At 7 got steam up and hove short: several Brazy
boats came alongside with letters: the Consul came on board
trying to get a passage for the English family, which of course
we could not grant, not having any more accommodation, at
seven bells did not forget the day of the month with a glass
of Queens Sherry

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