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breeze from the SW, a beautiful morning but very cold: at 9.30
went to General Quarters - Gradually the breeze died away till it
became quite calm, and the Sun came out quite warm & pleasant.
At noon we saw the Colonial Coast, and could make out three
vessels at an anchor. At 3 the tide having drifted us in we made
out the Star and showed our Pendants to her which she shortly
answered. At 4 anchored in 4 fths distant from the town about
11 miles, furled sails.

May 12th At 7 a breeze sprang up, weighed and made sail, close
hauled, passed several small craft running up the River: at 8
the wind was dead off the land, tacked: at 9 there was a signal
from the Star, but it was ten before we could make it out, it was
to get the Steam up: I was employed making out an Invaliding
case: employed cleaning ship throughout. At twelve came to an
anchor close to the Star, Commdr went on board.- At 1 I went on
board and dined there, found two of my patients who I had sent to
the Vixen on board: at 4 two of the Officers returned with me : in the
evening Purser went ashore: was told on board Star, that we are to
leave for Monte Video on Monday, return to Buenos Ayres, and wait for
the Sharpshooter, after her arrival we were to proceed to Rio de Janiero.
Had a long chat with Christian while smoking two cigars, he was
uncommonly pleasant which gave me much pleasure not having
been on the best of terms with him for sometime - At 9 made it
Saturday night and turned in.

Sunday May 13th AT 9.30 went to Dividious and inspected
ship. Noon went on board Star smoked two pipes with Akaster
and returned at 1: weather beautifully cool and bracing, dined at
three when several of the Officers went ashore. In the evening Sidney
Blakestone and Akaster came on board, Purser all of a muddle.
Went to bed as soon as they left.

May 14th At daylight got steam up weighed and steamed

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