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Mother and Anty, and after a glass of hot toddy went
to bed, the warmest and best place.

Sunday April 26th 1857 At Buenos Ayres.
At 9.30 the Commdr came on board with a very hot
cold and mustered by Open List, going ashore soon
afterwards to the Rakes which are to conclude today.
In the evening both Ross and Higgs got drunk and
began to sing till they were stopped by the Commanding
Officer. After gun fire went to bed.

April 27th Woke about 3 when it was very cold
but I had not pluck enough to get up & look at the Thermometer:
the Sentries light in the steerage had
gone out, the Officer of the watch must have been asleep
for everything was as quiet as the grave, so I
very soon hopped in to bed again. Sent the boats on
shore at the usual times for orders: two on the list.
In the afternoon all the Officers, leaving only Higgs,
two Engineers and myself: after gun fire we had
some hot whiskey & water and I was soon under the blankets.

April 28th Every thing very quiet all day. At a
little after sunset the Commander came off in the 2nd
gig with some drunken men and after seeing the
worst one put in irons went ashore again.

April 29th Still very cold and uncomfortable: after
quarters exercised at gun drill; sent boat for Commdr
who did not come off but a sent a messg to Ross
ordering him to explain in writing his reason for
breaking his leave. An old druken merchant Captain
a friend of old drunken Ross, came on board to dinner
and after Quarters several of the Officers went on board with

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