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April 30th Sent the usual boats ashore and at 10.30
Commdr came on board, and at once sent for Ross
demanding an answer to his Memo: after he had
finished it, he presented it to the Commdr who again
sent for him on the Quarter deck and told the Commanding Officer
to stop his leave for 2 months. In the forenoon the Flag
Lieut and Secretarys Clerk came on board. In the afternoon
it was quite calm and comfortably warm.
Old Ross sober for once altho' he had three bottles of ale
his rum, sundry glasses of brandy?

Friday May 1st 1857 At Buenos Ayres. Most
beautiful weather. Filled up the monthly return of Pick
for Admiral. Sailed a Brazilian Man of War. Sent a
boat for the Commander, who did not however come
off before six bells, but left very soon after went ashore.
In the afternoon, it came on to blow, with every appearance
of a SWester: sent a boat for orders but
they had to put back again; A little before sunset a
strong breeze was blowing and very cold, several ships
driving. A Brazilian boat came alongside, fortunately
the Officer and crew got on board just before
she swamped, shortly afterwards the Harriers boat
got alonside, and was secure astern.

May 2nd the wind moderated a little and the
strangers were able to leave, which I was very glad
of, as the Spaniard got very drunk, and after
being put to bed, vomited all over the bed
in which he slept. Went to bed early.

Sunday May 3rd - Very unwell, not able to turn
out sent boats for Commdr and orders. 10.30 went
to Divisions, but I kept my bed, and did not get

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