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up till afternoon still very unwell, when
I found old Ross as usual - Most of the Admiral's
thing came on board. Ross very drunk.

May 4th a very bad nights rest from the acute pain
in my legs. Sent the usual boats on shore and old Ross,
to close the accounts. In the afternoon an Inspector
of Machinery belonging to the Buenos Ayres navy
came on board, an Englishman of course, and dined.
In the evening sent Gunner in search of Ross and
ours; as the boat was a long time of returning
the Commanding Officer went away to the Galley, by
the time he got on shore the 2nd Gig had returned
about half an hour after the whaler returned but no
Ross - Up all boats.

May 6th Sent Market boat ashore and at 7 another
for orders. About 11 Commdr came on board, with
the other Officers, and immediately gave orders to light
fires. Pilot & Secretarys Clerk came off. Old Ross after
having a glass of beer got very screwy. About 1 the
Admiral and all come on board, weighed and steamed
down the River in Co. with Harrier. At the usual dinner
hour Ross was drunk, & when the Secretary came in for a
plate of soup, was drunk asleep at table: he had scarcely
left when the Commdr came in, Ross was in statu, his mouth
if anything wider open. At 2.30 the water was high enough to
allow us getting over the bar when we steamed to the Outer
Roads communicating with Wasp & Harrier, and when the
latter was ready went down the River. Turned in soon.

May 6th At 9, saw the Mount: 10 saw the Harriet and the
Virages at anchor. Still very sick, just able to see my
Sick, and turn in for an hour or two by which time we

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