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Dec 20th

Chin Chin for Joss - In a Bungalo, having
gone ashore in a Land Pan. after getting drunk
on Brandy [parsney?] low.

January 13th. Paid off Coombs Senior
consequently without a Servant or Sick Bay Man,
having to clean my own shoes, make my own
bed and attend to the Dispensary.

February 1st Engaged a new Servant, a Marine (Cavannah)

April 4th Payed Cavannah two months wages.

May 9th Had Boy Sec. as a Sick bay attendant
agreeing to give him 5/ per month, he was
discharged and got Boy Majr. about the middle of May

January 11th 1857. Sunday. Gave the damned youngster
of an Assistant-Master, a quiet reprimand with a warning
that on the first time he insulted me, I would be
obliged to punch his head.


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