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HM Steamer Rifleman Continued from other book

Tuesday April 24th. At Corrientes. At daylight the Flambeau
got steam up preparing for going down the River, which I was
very glad of, as we expected a return call from her officers. At
7 Commdr went ashore. 8:30 Brazilian Steamer lighted fires
and went down. Sent the Corporal ashore for two missing
Marines, who he brought on board about 5 one, my servant
who was drunk and commenced fighting as soon as he came
on board, giving one of his messmates a fearful hammering
for which he was put in irons with some difficulty, and
afterwards made use of very mutinous language. In the
evening some of the officers went ashore to arrange about a
[underline]Tiger hunt[/underline] - Mosquitoes as bad as ever. Turned in but not to
sleep. April 25th.. At daylight the Tiger expedition landed,
to ride out for three leagues: at 7 a shower of rain: 9 every
appearance of a Pampero: very hot with thunder and lightning.
Several visitors came on board again: in the afternoon. I went
ashore about my washing, and having to change an ounce
lost by it 3 1/2 dollars. Came on board before sunset: shortly
afterwards the party came back without having seen a single
tiger or shot a single bird worth the trouble of bringing
back; all of them very tired and hungry. At 8 a Pampero
came on with very heavy rain, fortunately no mosquitoes, the
wind being too strong for them, had it been otherwise having
all the skylights closed and hatchways covered with tarpaulins
it would have been impossible to breathe.

April 26th At 7 Commdr went on shore for our passengers:
brought on board some boat loads of ladies and
gentlemen; among the latter my friend a German Surgeon,
with whom, I had a long chat in French: about 9 the ladies
and some of the gentlemen left, and we hove short, having
lighted the fires about an hour before: only one lady passenger

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