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* Sunday June 17th 1855. Rio de Janeiro - Very hot
At 10 Mustered by open list, read articles of War & performed
Divine Service - Naori Christian sent for me, saying that
the Mr Pridham was to rejoin our mess, and hoped we would
manage to be more comfortable, of which I told him, I had
much doubt. At 3 two Surgeons, one a Brazilian the other an
American dined with us. -

June 18th At 10 went on shore to meet the two surgeons,
and with them went over the Hospital de Misericardia,
the most comfortable, the cleanest, largest house of the kind I
was ever in : had some conversation with one of the Sisters
of Charity, and on my mentioning Miss Nightingale's name,
she was very much pleased - Walking toward the pier
met Drs Byrne and Sole of the "Express", which ship came in
after dark last evening. - I went on board, sun quite scorching.
Arrived the Red Jacket from Australia with Passengers.
Towards evening most of the officers went on shore to
the Opera.

June 19th At 4 turned the hands up and unmoored
ship, preparatory to going to the coal wharf - 7 Steam
up, hour stort: weighed but owing to the anchor being
foul, it was ten o'clock before we got to the coal wharf.
every thing done in a most confused hurried state, not
even having breakfast - Every thing very uncomfortable on
board. At 4 finished coaling, slipped from the wharf
and steamed down the harbor, taking up an old posiiton
closer under the eye of the Admiral - At 9 went on shore
with Purser and Mr Deal, had a long talk with some
passengers of the Red Jacket from Australia, and having
walked till nearly 12 was not at all sorry when we
got on board, a little before midnight -

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