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hot rum and water and turned in after having taken a
large dose of Calomel and Opium -

June 24th At daylight went to Quarters, and cleaned
guns and arms: at 8 very uncomfortable from the heat
spread awnings as a most unusual occurence - Last
night a fire broke out in the City, destroying three houses
and much valuable property : the Express and Trident
were the only ships who sent their crews on shore to give
assistance. At 1 a General signal for all the Commanders to dine
on board Flag Ship tomorrow at 5 PM. Examined and passed three
men for our Ship - At 7 went on board Sharpshooter for some
medicine - Most of our Officers on shore. At 8 came on
board and turned in.

June 25th Very hot - and unpleasant - Spy's fellows
getting better. Arrived and anchored HMS Lyne with
Stores &c from Ascension - At noon a Signal from the
Flag Ship to prepare for sea at 9 am tomorrow - great
excitement among the Squadron in bending & setting
sails. At 5 Commdr and the other Captains dined with
the Admiral.

June 20th At 9 weighed and made sail with
all the Squadron excepting Madagascar and Tyne. 10 Vixen
took Flag Ship in tow, wind falling very light and a flood
tide commencing - Pridham gave up charge as Commanding
Officer - 10.45 Taken in tow by the Trident, astern of the
Express and Sharpshooter - 1.30 Sea breeze set in, cast
off and made sail. At 3 a general Signal to form line
of batch in two divisions, the Admiral taking the lead:
shortly afterwards finding we were drawing ahead of
Flag Ship, a signal made to us from her ordering us to
tack immediately, and in a few minutes again we

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