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rate of sailing and steer NNW the Trident & Sharpshooter
were soon passed, and in a little time we came up with
and passed the Flag and the Express, the Vixen taking the
lead of all and keeping it - by one, we must have been two
miles ahead of Trident and three of Sharpshooter - When we
got in sight of Raza Light a signal was made to close
the Admiral, when we hauled on a wind and stood off
the land : about 10 the Flag tacked without making any
signal and very barely escaped running over us -

June 29th At 7.30 there was a funeral on board the
Flag Ship, after the corpse was buried, there was an order
to reverse order of sailing. At 9 A general signal that there
would be a chance of sending letters to EnglandRio
At 11 a signal for various evolutions - At 1 Admiral went
on board Vixen where his flag was hoisted, where he steamed
through the Squadron exercising at reefing, furling &c
and frequently firing a gun for any particular ship
where they were slow. At 3 the finishing pendant went up
which every one was glad to see and the Admiral left
in the Vixen for Rio, distant about 15 miles

June 30th Light winds, Sharpshooter a long distance to
leeward, ships still in the same order of sailing. Employed
cleaning ship throughout - could just make out
the Sugar loaf, dead to windward - At 11.30 signed the
Quarterly Bills, closed my Quarterly Accounts, & made
out Mess Bills - After dinner much to my satisfaction, my
friend Clayhills volunteered to relieve me of the Catership
after examining the Mess Books, and finding a surplus -
At 3 A signal from the Flag Ship to close, Sharpshooter -
nearly hull down astern. In the evening had a round
game, made it Saturday night and turned in.

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