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Sunday July 1st 1855 At sea. Very light winds, and
dead an end : Sharpshooter nearly out of sight. At 9.30 a
signal from the Flag Ship, to keep more regular order -
10 Went to Divisions, the Band playing on board the Flag.
The Sugar Loaf bearing NE distant about 15 miles - Rated
some Ordy Seamen to AB's -

July 2nd At 8 saw the Vixen coming out having the Admiral
on board. At 9 she stopped close to us - Sharpshooter just in
sight standing towards us. At 10 the old game began again
and he kept us all at it till 11.30 when he went on board
his own ship, but was no sooner on deck than he recommenced
with redoubled vigor till dinner time when we had a quiet
hour : directly afterwards we had all sorts of manoeuvres
till 5 PM when we went to supper and were not again
disturbed till 9.

July 3rd At 3 tacked when within 3/4 of a mile of the shore
At daylight cloudy with frequent showers of rain. At 9 wore
and stood in towards the Land : At 10 up went our old friend
the Preparative, when a signal was made to exercise at Fog Signals
when a great deal of drumming and firing was gone through, this
over, we had the old game of reefing topsails, which continued
till noon when we again formed order in two columns and
stood out to sea wearing and tacking at the Admirals will.
At 5 it looked rather threatning when we all reefed topsails: at
6 heavy rain which continued till midnight.

July 4th A beautiful cool morning : working far the mouth
of the harbor. At 7 the Trident was sent away to tow the
Express and Sharpshooter, nearly hull down to leeward - A very
heavy swell from the S ward. At 11 a signal for Vixen to take
Flag Ship in tow, which she did after the second attempt in a
very indifferent manner : when passing us, she made a signal
to Trident to take us in tow : at 1 Trident with the other two

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