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in tow, also took us altho' a fine sea breeze had sprung up :
much to our annoyance as we could have sailed in much
quicker : at 2.40 passed the Fort of Santa Cruz and at 4 let go the
hawsers and came to an anchor in our old position, abreast
of the Madagascar where we moored her. Vixen went up to the
Coal Wharf and the other vessels took up their respective stations.
There was a large fleet, our own Admiral, French do and
the Peruvian Commodore, whose ship was anchored close to
us, and on board her were several ladies, and a fine band
playing - In the evening most of the Officers went on shore.

July 5th Calm and very close and sultry. When I got up I
found a letter on Service for me ordering me on board the Flag
Ship on a survey at 11, did not at all like it. Quite surprised
with the size of the Ship - In the evening went ashore and got
on board again with the Commr at 11 -

July 6th Very hot, every one looking anxiously for the Main
Heard of my box of pipes being at the Office of Fox & Co - In the
evening went ashore -

July 7th In the forenoon Drs Woodcock and Sole came on board
Went on board the Vixen in the evening, and having made it
Saturday night got on board again by 10 -

July 8th Very wet and close, examined three men who came
from the shore : no appearance of the Packet. A continual heavy
rain all day - In the afternoon most of the Officers went ashore.

July 9th At 10 went on board Madagascar with an Hospital
case, raining hard all day

July 10th Got my box of pipes from Mr Hill and bought
a ticket for the Lottery. In the evening very wet & miserable

July 11th Very anxious about the lottery. At 11 got a paper
found mine a blank - Went on board the Camilla
for my washed clothes, could not find them : heard

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