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to meet Eversfield, after a game of billiards which did
me good, came on board.

July 18th Still no idea of what our proceedings are likely to
be : at 9 a signal to man and arm boats, we as usual
last of all, without either ensign or pendant. At 11 the French
Admiral sent away their boats - 11.30 Admiral Johnstone
came on board and went round the ship, going afterwards
to the Trident, and Cobras - Afternoon very
hot, not a breath of wind: In the evening played
at Vingt un - Commdr and Officers at the Opera.

July 19th Very cloudy and sultry, Ross came off at
8 - very seedy - 10 A letter from the Admiral informing us
us we were to go to Sea on Monday. In the afternoon
two of the Peruvian Officers came on board - Overhauled
Mess Accts, only a deficiency of 2/4. In the evening tried the
Wine do' but could not make them out..

July 20th a very thick fog and very close. Sent a note to
Clayhills asking him to come on board and explain the
Wine Book. Hear of Cholera being on shore - In the morning
had a round game of cards.

July 21st Much the same sort of weather. Yesterday at 10
a signal was made from the Flag to man and arm
boats after having been at General Quarters. At 11.30 the
guns were secured, thinking all was over, but another
signal was made, asking why we had knocked off
and ordering us again to exercise with great gusto,
it was nearly 1 o'clock before we went to dinner, one
serious accident (a fracture) was the result - Being
Saturday we were employed all day cleaning and
white washing the ship throughout, the Frigate was
listed over for cleaning her bottom - Purser (Rudy)

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