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ashore at Cobras getting Provisions - 11 Deal & Kinnear
went away for a ride on horse back - Noon very hot
In the afternoon I went ashore to purchase some medicine
heard that Cholera had broken out, and some fatal cases
had taken place : suffering myself from a severe attack
of Diarrhoea. glad to get on board.

Sunday July 22nd 1855 Rio de Janeiro. A very
foggy morning - At 9.30 went to Divisions, inspected
lower decks and holds and performed Divine Service : had a
very uncomfortable night: at noon, Dr Sole came on board,
heard that the Admiral was coming on board and that we
were going some distance up the harbor-: still feeling very
unwell - Went early to bed, and was just falling off to
sleep when I was surprized by the report of a gun, soon
followed by several others: on going on deck, I saw the Flag
Ship, Constitution and the fort firing minute guns, with
green lights a signal of some ship in distress : the night
was beautifully clear, calm and moon lit: presently the launch
of the Frigate came alongside and ordered us to send our
cutter away to the mouth of the harbor - all the ships sent away
one or more boats : at eleven the cutter returned informing us
that there was no reason for all the disturbance.

July 23rd Passed a very indifferent night - Employed getting
bread and water on board - At noon saw the Admiral and
Suite going ashore in full dress, we understood to a levée
of the Emperor, the French Admiral soon followed. At 1
there was a grand salute from all the frigates and in
the evening a display of fireworks -

July 24th A very beautiful morning, busy on board the
Trident preparing for the Admiral's Picnic: At 9.30 a
signal from Flag Ship to send away all boats, out of the

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