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French Consul to dinner tomorrow - Brazilian Man of War
Brig went to Sea; employed cleaning ship throughout - At 5 I
went ashore with Simon and in the first house we entered we were
told our liberty men had been fighting and several of them had
been taken to prison; we at once walked to the prison and
there saw one man: after returning about 8 PM Pridham
had come ashore about them, gone to the English Consuls and
got all released but three, who were said to have been ringleaders.
We got on board a little after nine and found that 15 men
had stopped on shore beyond their leave, and many who had
come off were very drunk Made it Saturday night and turned in.

Sunday August 12th At Pernambuco. Early in the
morning a party was formed to ride out to some Falls
20 miles distant: of course I was not one of them, though
very strongly pressed, by the Gentlemen who came off to breakfast.
As many of our men were ashore and most of them on board
half drunk we did not as usual go to Divisions - At 3 some
gentleman came to dinner, and left almost immediately after for
a ride in the country. 5 Went ashore, had a long walk by myself,
but on my return could not get a boat, consequently got
a bed at a friend's Mrs Chapman - Bahia mail came in (Quarantine).

August 13th Before 6 I was up and dressed, and on going
down to the beach I found three of our men very drunk,
got them into the boat, and took them on board. At 1 the
Commdr came off bringing with him two men out of four who had
been Prisoners. At 3 lighted the fires and unmoored ship,
preparatory to going to sea. At 4 Commander came off with a
Pilot and the other two men from prison, weighed and steamed
out of the Recipe. At 4.30 Pilot left, let the fires go out
and made sail to the Northward, set stinsails. All hands
very shaky from the effects of the shore.

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